Sunday, June 29, 2008

My first blog about myself and my crafts!`

Ok, so i accidently deleted my 2 other blogs. So im having to start all back over again. I just wanted to say that this blog will be about myself, my family life and my crafting life. I love crafts and will always try my hand at doing all sorts of crafts at least once. My attention span is very short, and so i have to really like something before i'll continue playing around. I also have a 'myspace' page too.
Right now im into alot of jewelry making. I like to fancy myself a newbie at making jewelry out of recycled and discarded items, old jewerly, etc..
I belong to a couple of fantastic semi-private craft forums. There are some really fantastic ladies and gentleman on them, that really care about each other and love to share their lives and crafts with each other. We do alot of craft swaps and just mainly helping each other along lifes journey. I have 3 grown children and 2 grandkids, whom i love all dearly. I have this man in my life that still thrills me at the site of him after 25 years who i call 'my husband'. We live in the S.W. part of Oklahoma. We have a roofing business and im the Boss!
We have 1 dog and we're thinking about getting a Wolf-Dog if we can find one. We had one before and we just loved him.
Our parents have passed on, except for his mother! So we try to make life and treat life with respect!
Im a stay at home wife and Boss! Well, i guess thats it for awhile or until i blog again.